New Sign-in Policy

It seems that last season we may have had some families taking advantage of our casual sign-in procedure and using the pool while not being active members. To curb this theft of service we will be using a new sign-in policy. Each week the guards will be given a list of active members and will have access to our current online database. Active members will then use that list to sign-in.

For those that have yet to renew your membership, please understand that our membership list is compiled by volunteers; and memberships, especially those received by mail, may take time to be updated. As such, if you plan to mail in your renewal, it would be best to do it as soon as possible if you plan on using the pool on opening day, May 25th. The fasted way to renew is online in our Membership Section or in person at the pool, after opening. This year, you will be able to pay your membership fee at the pool using a credit card. (Credit card transactions will only be accepted for memberships and pool party reservations, not for snacks and drinks.)

We would also like to remind members that your membership only extends to immediate family, living in the same household. It does not extend to adult children living outside the home. Grandparents may purchase a Grandparent Membership and include 5 grandchildren not living with them. If it is discovered that a member is extending use of their membership to those outside their household without paying visitor fees, their membership may be revoked and their bond placed in jeopardy.

The entire governing Board of Meadow Lane Park Association hopes everyone has a fun and safe summer at the pool! And please remember, MLP is a Social & Recreation Club. As such, to maintain our non-profit standing we must rely primarily on membership funding. Active members keep this pool alive and well. And the best recruiters for new members are our current members. So if you know someone that you think would enjoy membership with us, please bring them for a visit so they can see the value of this wonderful facility for themselves.

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  1. I have not came yet this season however renewed online in March or April. I did not recieve anything from you stating it was recieved and my 3 year old is anxious to come so we will be as soon as the weather lets us:) Can you simply verify you recieved my information. Should be 2 adults and 3 kids ages 3-15/16 soon!

    1. Yes. We did receive your membership. We typically don’t send out responses because nobody has volunteered to fill that role and it is quite time consuming for our volunteers. Your confirmation should have been given via your credit card transaction.

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