Good Conduct

This is a quick reminder to our members that good conduct is expected at all times at the pool. Please remember that we are not a public facility and we have rules against adverse language and behavior. For families that allow their kids to attend the pool alone, please remind your kids that they are expected to be on their best behavior in your absence. If our staff observes foul language or deviant behavior, they will issue a warning. If the conduct continues they will ask the individual to leave. If a pattern of misconduct continues on separate occasions, our board may decide to temporarily or permanently suspend an individual.

If any member observes misconduct, they should feel free to inform the staff. Abusive language or conduct that is racist or otherwise bigoted in any way, or criminal violations of the law, will result in an immediate suspension and the incident will be given over for consideration by the Board of Directors where additional sanctions may be imposed. Such sanctions may include permanent suspension of membership.

Please remember that we are not a public pool but a family oriented, social and recreation club. Failure to maintain standards of conduct hurts the pool by discouraging membership; which ultimately hurts the pool’s good reputation and our ability to provide this unique social and recreational opportunity for our neighborhood.

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