2020 Meadow Lane Pool Membership Application 

**GUESTS (Members may sponsor Guests visiting the by paying $5 per visit per guest.  Individual Guests are limited to 2 visits in a season and must complete a Visitor Card to be kept on file.  Only adult members may sponsor guests and must accompany all guests during their visit.)

  • Bond Fee: $150.00  – Bond Fee: Meadow Lane Pool is owner operated.  Each bonded member is also an owner of the pool.  Ownership in the pool is necessary to become a member.  This is a one-time fee which is applied to ongoing improvements and maintenance of the pool and surrounding grounds.
  • Regular Membership: $250.00 – Regular Membership: A member or member family is defined as that individual or family unit that consists of those person(s) taking permanent residence in the same house or apartment (typically a parent or parents and their children).
  • Grandparents Membership:  $250.00  (up to 5 grandchildren). 
  • Long-time Membership: $215.00 – Long-time Membership: No kids under age 13 and 5 years active membership 
  • Senior Citizen Membership: $130.00 – Senior Citizen Membership: Seniors must be 62 or older. 
  • Non-Member Daycare Provider: $85.00 ea. – Non-Member Daycare Provider: Must always be with member daycare child. 
  • Non-Member Daycare Child: $85.00 ea. – Non-Member Daycare Child: Must always be with the member that has the daycare.
  • Late Join/Renewal (After July 4th-PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NEW POOL MEMBERS WHO ALSO NEED TO PURCHASE A BOND: $125.00 (Plus Bond for New Members = $275.00)

Due to lack of Interest, we will no longer be accepting requests for recurring payments for memberships. All memberships must be paid in full prior to using pool.

2020 Meadow Lane Park Association Membership Application
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