New Address

Thanks to some volunteer efforts we now have a mailbox and are closing our P.O. Box. The City and USPS have changed our address so that the new mailbox could be near our entrance.

The new mailing address is:

1310 Meadow Dale Dr., Lincoln NE 68505

All correspondence and future membership renewals should be sent to this new address or possible be returned to sender. We ask our members to please make note of this change.

Membership Limit

While we have already seen a surge in membership with the improving weather, we expect with the introduction of Recurring Payments that we will see another major surge in new and renewed memberships. As such, it is important for our bond holders to remember that according to our by-laws as a social/recreation club that we are limited to no more that 360 active memberships in a given season. As such, if we reach this limit, we will be required to begin turning away membership requests even to current bonded members.

So the MLP Board wants to encourage those that are considering purchasing a 2019 membership at MLP to not delay. Bond holders should also understand that if we do reach this limit, active members in the 2019 season will have first option to purchase a 2020 season membership. Second option will go to inactive bond members then new members will be given the option of joining.

***NOTE: MLP does NOT offer partial year memberships. Regardless of when a membership is purchased in the season, the price of a seasonal membership is the same. Past governing boards have allowed new members to purchase a half year membership after July the 4th as part of a New Member Promotion. MLP will continue this promotion only if there is available active membership slots at the time.

MLP Now Accepting Recurring Payments

Meadow Lane Pool is now accepting recurring payments for seasonal memberships. Once a Bond has been purchased ($150) your 2019 Seasonal membership my be broken down into 3 payments which will be billed monthly to a valid credit card. Recurring payments via check should be available in the near future. Payments are broken down as follows based on the type of membership being paid.

Regular Membership: – $250 Total or 3 recurring payments of $83.33

Grandparents Membership: – $250 Total or 3 recurring payments of $83.33

Long Time Membership: – $215 Total or 3 recurring payments of $71.66

Senior Membership: – $130 Total or 3 recurring payments of $43.33

The following FORM can be used to set up a recurring payment. Please bring this form to the pool and the staff with the credit card you wish to set up the recurring payment on.

Good Conduct

This is a quick reminder to our members that good conduct is expected at all times at the pool. Please remember that we are not a public facility and we have rules against adverse language and behavior. For families that allow their kids to attend the pool alone, please remind your kids that they are expected to be on their best behavior in your absence. If our staff observes foul language or deviant behavior, they will issue a warning. If the conduct continues they will ask the individual to leave. If a pattern of misconduct continues on separate occasions, our board may decide to temporarily or permanently suspend an individual.

If any member observes misconduct, they should feel free to inform the staff. Abusive language or conduct that is racist or otherwise bigoted in any way, or criminal violations of the law, will result in an immediate suspension and the incident will be given over for consideration by the Board of Directors where additional sanctions may be imposed. Such sanctions may include permanent suspension of membership.

Please remember that we are not a public pool but a family oriented, social and recreation club. Failure to maintain standards of conduct hurts the pool by discouraging membership; which ultimately hurts the pool’s good reputation and our ability to provide this unique social and recreational opportunity for our neighborhood.

New Sign-in Policy

It seems that last season we may have had some families taking advantage of our casual sign-in procedure and using the pool while not being active members. To curb this theft of service we will be using a new sign-in policy. Each week the guards will be given a list of active members and will have access to our current online database. Active members will then use that list to sign-in.

For those that have yet to renew your membership, please understand that our membership list is compiled by volunteers; and memberships, especially those received by mail, may take time to be updated. As such, if you plan to mail in your renewal, it would be best to do it as soon as possible if you plan on using the pool on opening day, May 25th. The fasted way to renew is online in our Membership Section or in person at the pool, after opening. This year, you will be able to pay your membership fee at the pool using a credit card. (Credit card transactions will only be accepted for memberships and pool party reservations, not for snacks and drinks.)

We would also like to remind members that your membership only extends to immediate family, living in the same household. It does not extend to adult children living outside the home. Grandparents may purchase a Grandparent Membership and include 5 grandchildren not living with them. If it is discovered that a member is extending use of their membership to those outside their household without paying visitor fees, their membership may be revoked and their bond placed in jeopardy.

The entire governing Board of Meadow Lane Park Association hopes everyone has a fun and safe summer at the pool! And please remember, MLP is a Social & Recreation Club. As such, to maintain our non-profit standing we must rely primarily on membership funding. Active members keep this pool alive and well. And the best recruiters for new members are our current members. So if you know someone that you think would enjoy membership with us, please bring them for a visit so they can see the value of this wonderful facility for themselves.