Membership Limit

While we have already seen a surge in membership with the improving weather, we expect with the introduction of Recurring Payments that we will see another major surge in new and renewed memberships. As such, it is important for our bond holders to remember that according to our by-laws as a social/recreation club that we are limited to no more that 360 active memberships in a given season. As such, if we reach this limit, we will be required to begin turning away membership requests even to current bonded members.

So the MLP Board wants to encourage those that are considering purchasing a 2019 membership at MLP to not delay. Bond holders should also understand that if we do reach this limit, active members in the 2019 season will have first option to purchase a 2020 season membership. Second option will go to inactive bond members then new members will be given the option of joining.

***NOTE: MLP does NOT offer partial year memberships. Regardless of when a membership is purchased in the season, the price of a seasonal membership is the same. Past governing boards have allowed new members to purchase a half year membership after July the 4th as part of a New Member Promotion. MLP will continue this promotion only if there is available active membership slots at the time.

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