Welcome To Meadow Lane Pool!

December 5, 2022
We are happy to announce that our rates will be unchanged for the upcoming 2023 season! New forms are available online or ready to print for you to sign up or renew your membership now. Thanks!

Welcome to Meadow Lane Pool!  Meadow Lane Pool is located at the corner of Lancaster Ln. & Meadowdale Dr. Our pool is a fun, neighborhood, member-supported pool that has been creating memories since 1961! So, grab your towels and sunblock and come join us for some exciting summer fun!!


2023 Meadow Lane Pool Membership 

NEW membership pricing below may include $150 bond (if applicable due to 501c7 status)

Family Membership
Family membership is for family members that take permanent residence in the same home.  Includes 2 household adults + up to 5 resident children. Add on available for those not living in same home.
• New Membership: $425
• Returning Member: $275

Grandparents Membership
Includes up to 2 household grandparents + up to 5 grandchildren. Add on available for additional grandchildren.
•New Membership: $425
 •Returning Member: $275

Senior Citizen Membership
Includes 1 or 2 household adults, ALL members on this must be age 62 or older.
•New Membership: $300
•Returning Member: $150

Single Person Membership
Designed for single member, or use with Single Add On for 1 parent/1 child family.
•New Membership: $300
•Returning Member: $150

Single Add On
Allows for ONE additional member to be added onto any membership such as a day care child or provider, frequent guest, or an additional grandchild on Grandparents Membership. Add on does NOT have to be family.
•Add On: $85 per person

Guest – Members may sponsor Guests by paying $5 per visit per guest.

Please note that currently, Meadow Lane Pool is a 501c7 and is owner operated.  Each bonded member is also an owner of the pool.  Ownership in the pool is necessary to become a member.  This is a one-time fee which is applied to ongoing improvements and maintenance of the pool and surrounding grounds. We are looking into becoming a 501c3 in which case a bond will not be required/issued, however the new/returning pricing will remain as noted above.

Due to lack of Interest, we will no longer be accepting requests for recurring payments for memberships. All memberships must be paid in full prior to using pool.

2023 Meadow Lane Park Association Membership Application

To print a paper copy of the application please download form below and mail form along with your check to Meadow Lane Park Assn 1310 Meadow Dale Dr. Lincoln 68505


Meadow Lane Pool is owned and operated by its members through the Meadow Lane Park Association.  By purchasing a Bond, you not only help preserve this wonderful neighborhood facility for future generations but also get a say in how it is operated and maintained.  While Bonds are non-transferable, a single Bond covers your entire household and may be purchased by anyone in the community.

Our members understand what an asset the Meadow Lane Pool is to our neighborhood; helping to maintain property values, quality of life and community pride.  Meadow Lane Pool also serves as an essential recreational resource for area families during the summer months.   Many area kids will visit the pool almost daily during the summer months.

While we certainly maintain a professional staff of experienced guards for daily operations, much of the maintenance at Meadow Lane Pool is done by our dedicated member-volunteers, which helps keep the annual cost of membership as low as possible.  If you are interested in becoming a member/owner, please visit our Membership Page.

Swim & Dive Teams

Meadow Lane Makos Swim & Dive Teams!

2022 Swim & Dive Team (June 6th – July 23rd)

The City of Lincoln is moving forward with the 2022 Summer Parks & Recreation City Swim & Diving League this summer. This recreational program is for youth 6 to 18 years old. Enjoy neighborhood based teams, great exercise and skill building. Participants must have minimal swim/dive skills, this is not a replacement for swimming lessons.  Must be able to swim 25 yards with minimal to no assistance. This is a relaxed way to introduce your children to the competitive swim environment in a fun and recreational format, or improve on your swimming skills and compete with friends over the summer.

To join, download and print the application below. Please mail your application and check to us at 1310 Meadow Dale Drive Lincoln, NE 68505. Registration is limited to the first 100 swimmers per team for 2022.

$70.00 for either swim or dive team registration
$5.00 discount for second (and each additional) child in either swim or dive
$25.00 per child to add the second program (swim or dive)
Pricing includes all practices, meets and a Makos t-shirt.

Swim & Dive Team Practices
Practices are allowed to begin on Monday, June 6.

Swim Team – Monday thru Friday 9am to 11am
(tbd based on number of swimmers)

Dive Team – Monday thru Friday 10am to 11am
(tbd based on number of divers)

Swim & Dive Team Meets

 If one swim meet is canceled, it will not be made up. If a second swim meet is canceled it will be made up at the same time and location on Saturday, July 16. 

Weekly Swim Meets are on Saturday mornings.
Warm-ups begin at 7am; Competition at 8am.

Meet #1: June 18th

Meet #2:  June 25th

Meet #3:  July 2nd

Meet #4:  July 9th

Swimming City Championship – July 23 @ Southeast High School
(In order to compete in the Championship Swim Meet,
you must compete in at least one swim meet during the season.)

If one diving meet is canceled, it will not be made up. If a second diving meet is canceled, it will be made up at the same location on Thursday, July 14.

Weekly Dive Meets are on Thursday evenings.
Warmups begin at 5pm; Competition at 6pm.

Meet #1:  June 16th

Meet #2: June 23rd

Meet #3:  June 30th

Meet #4:  July 7th

Diving City Championship – July 21 @ Woods Pool
(In order to compete in the Championship Dive Meet,
you must compete in at least one dive meet during the season.)

Meet schedules are subject to change based on current COVID-19 protocols and weather conditions.

Events & Parties

2022 Events & Parties
Pool parties are here, and prices did not increase! For the 2022 season, pool parties will have a 100 person limit. We will provide 1-2 lifeguard(s) for your party and all pool limitations will apply.


Member Rate (up to 100 people) — $150.00

Non-Member Rate (up to 100 people) — $200.00

Parties are offered:
Monday – Saturday:  8pm – 9:30pm
Sunday  11am – 12:30pm
Sunday 7pm – 8:30pm


Pool Party Reservation Form

Parties are available on a first come, first serve basis. To avoid confusion and duplication of available dates, pool party rentals can be made only via the online reservation form . In order to hold a date, a party must be paid for in full.