Welcome To Meadow Lane Pool!

Welcome to Meadow Lane Pool!  Meadow Lane Pool is located at the corner of Lancaster Ln. & Meadowdale Dr. Our pool is a fun, neighborhood, member-supported pool that has been creating memories since 1961! So, grab your towels and sunblock and come join us for some exciting summer fun!!

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2020 Meadow Lane Pool Membership Application 

**(Guests visiting the pool with a member-sponsor pay $5 per visit and are limited to 10 visits in a season.)

  • Bond Fee: $150.00  – Bond Fee: Meadow Lane Pool is owner operated.  Each bonded member is also an owner of the pool.  Ownership in the pool is necessary to become a member.  This is a one-time fee which is applied to ongoing improvements and maintenance of the pool and surrounding grounds.
  • Regular Membership: $250.00 – Regular Membership: A member or member family is defined as that individual or family unit that consists of those person(s) taking permanent residence in the same house or apartment (typically a parent or parents and their children).
  • Grandparents Membership:  $250.00  (up to 5 grandchildren). 
  • Long-time Membership: $215.00 – Long-time Membership: No kids under age 13 and 5 years active membership 
  • Senior Citizen Membership: $130.00 – Senior Citizen Membership: Seniors must be 62 or older. 
  • Non-Member Daycare Provider: $85.00 ea. – Non-Member Daycare Provider: Must always be with member daycare child. 
  • Non-Member Daycare Child: $85.00 ea. – Non-Member Daycare Child: Must always be with the member that has the daycare.


2020 Recurring Payment Memberships!

Recurring Payments Forms must be received by October 1st to use the current payment schedule.

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Meadow Lane Pool is owned and operated by its members through the Meadow Lane Park Association.  By purchasing a Bond, you not only help preserve this wonderful neighborhood facility for future generations but also get a say in how it is operated and maintained.  While Bonds are non-transferable, a single Bond covers your entire household and may be purchased by anyone in the community.

Our members understand what an asset the Meadow Lane Pool is to our neighborhood; helping to maintain property values, quality of life and community pride.  Meadow Lane Pool also serves as an essential recreational resource for area families during the summer months.   Many area kids will visit the pool almost daily during the summer months.

While we certainly maintain a professional staff of experienced guards for daily operations, much of the maintenance at Meadow Lane Pool is done by our dedicated member-volunteers, which helps keep the annual cost of membership as low as possible.  If you are interested in becoming a member/owner, please visit our Membership Page.

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Swim & Dive Teams

Meadow Lane Makos Swim & Dive Teams!


Swim & Dive Team Practices begin June 3rd.

Swim Team – Monday thru Friday 9am to 11am

Dive Team – Monday thru Friday 10am to 11am.

Sign-up for the swim and dive teams @ the Meadow Lane Pool during open hours.

Downloadable Application PDF:

Swim Dive Team Application

2019 Diving Meet Schedule

Diving Meet #1 : Thursday, June 13th – Warmups begin @ 5pm; Competition @ 6pm. At Eden: Meadow Lane vs University Place

Diving Meet #2 : Thursday, June 20th – Warmups begin @ 5pm; Competition @ 6pm. At Eden: Woods vs Meadow Lane

Diving Meet #3 : Thursday, June 27th – Warmups begin @ 5pm; Competition @ 6pm. At Ballard: Meadow Lane vs Woods

Diving Meet #4: Thursday, July 11th- Warmups begin @ 5pm; Competition @ 6pm. At Ballard: Irving vs Meadow Lane vs Highlands

If one diving meet is canceled, it will NOT be made up. If a second diving meet is canceled, it will be made up at the same location on Friday July 12th. Warm-ups will begin at 5pm and competition will begin at 6pm.


Thursday, July 18th, 2019 @ Woods Pool, 3200 J Street.

Meet sessions will take place during the morning and afternoon. Warm-up and meet start times will be available after the fourth regular season meet.

*** Schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

2019 Swimming Meet Schedule

Swimming Meets are on Saturdays this year. Warm-ups begin at 7am; competition @ 8am.

***In order to compete in the Championship Swimming Meet at the individual you must have competed in at least one swim meet.

Swimming Meet #1: Saturday, June 15th @ Eden – Eden vs Meadow Lane vs Highlands

Swimming Meet #2: Saturday, June 22nd @ Meadow Lane – Meadow Lane vs Highlands vs Start City Shores

Swimming Meet #3: Saturday, June 29th @ Meadow Lane – Meadow Lane vs Belmont vs Highlands

Swimming Meet #4: Saturday, July 6th @ University Place – University Place vs Copple Family YMCA vs Meadow Lane vs Woods

*** If one meet is canceled, it will NOT be made up. If a second meet is canceled, it will be made up at the same location on Wednesday, July 10th with warm-ups at 5pm and competition at 6pm.


July 20th, 2019 @ The Bob Devaney Sports Center.

Session 1: 11yrs and older – Warm-ups @ 7am, Meet starts @ 8:30am

Session 2: 10yrs and under – Warm-ups @ 12:30pm, Meet starts @ 1:30pm

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Events & Parties

Member Rate (under 100 people) — $115.00
Member Rate (over 100 people) — $135.00
Non-Member Rate (under 100 people) — $145.00
Non-Member Rate (over 100 people) — $165.00
Parties are offered:
Mon.-Sun. 9-10:30 P.M.
Sat. & Sun. 11 A.M.-12:30 P.M.
Sunday 7-8:30 P.M.
Parties are on a first come, first serve basis. During the pool season, head to the pool to get the most up-to-date information on available times. In order to hold a date, a party must be paid for in advance.
All reservations can be made in person at the pool office during normal operating hours.
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